“Don’t fall in the trap of the enemy”: a genocide phraseology used by DRC officials amidst killings of Congolese Tutsi

Since the spread of hate speech, targeting the Congolese Kinyarwanda-speaking community, which culminated in killings, DRC officials have now resorted to using a typical genocide ideology phrasing- “Do not fall in the trap of the enemy,” to cover their crimes.

Those who have followed different speeches by DRC officials, like Patrick Muyaya, the DRC government spokesperson, Julien Paluku, the minister for industry, Francine Muyumba Nkanga, a senator in DRC parliament, and many others, have seen how they used that expression concurrently.

This is a typical resemblance of precursors to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Leaders of the Interahamwe militia, some government officials, and even President Juvenal Habyarimana always uttered the same expressions as a cover to commit more atrocities.

Such expressions are mainly used as pretexts to hoodwink the members of the public to show that the government denounces any wrongdoing that is being committed despite its outright involvement. It is equally one of the stages of genocide denial, where the perpetrator starts to deny crimes for fear of culpability.

Again, what DRC leaders are doing is a deja vu situation, and no sane mind should be fooled by such hogwash and lame tactics. If anything, they should be prepared for accountability for the crimes that have already been committed, whose evidence is abundant.

Justice will prevail!

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