DRC government in moves to try to sabotage CHOGM, concoct wild allegations against Rwanda

Congolese government authorities are bent on sabotaging the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) that kicks off in the next couple of days in Kigali. It started with a blackmail and misinformation campaign associating Rwanda with anti-Kinshasa rebel movement- M23. The DRC provocation aggravated further when its army-FARDC fired shells on Rwandan soil, destroying property and injuring innocent citizens.

Congolese authorities, especially Tshisekedi himself have opted to falsely play the victim card while asking “all” the leaders and in particular the UK Prime Minister Borris Johnson to “Pressure” Rwanda into “ending violence” in Congo. However Tshisekedi himself knows the truth, but opts to externalize his, and his government’s failures.

In his false alarms to CHOGM leaders, Congolese Tshisekedi sensationalized the civil war and escalated it to an “economic war” with allegations that “Rwanda seeks to occupy our land rich in gold, Coltan and cobalt for their exploitation and profits.” This is nothing but the usual cheap populism by failing Congolese presidents, who seek to hoodwink their population that “Rwanda is the enemy.”

Rwanda has never ceased to urge Kinshasa to own, and try to address its failures – including rampant internal socio-political wrangles that make some Congolese nationals take up arms against their government. Rwanda has also urged Kinshasa to avoid falsely casting blame as Rwanda has nothing to do with DR Congo’s instabilities.

On the other hand, the leadership of Rwanda has maintained a quiet diplomatic stance amidst ceaseless provocations, hate speeches and slanders by the DRC for the latter to reflect on its issues and try to address them.

But whatever noises Congolese make about CHOGM, there isn’t a thing they can ever do about it. Rwanda was chosen, by the relevant Commonwealth powers, as a vote of confidence into Rwanda itself, it’s institutions, and more.

The Congolese ought to sit this one out.

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