Convicted genocide denier IVU desperately demonizes Rwanda as she tries to sabotage the Rwanda-UK partnership on immigration.

Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) has in a new twist taken to a British newspaper to slander the Rwandan Government in her none stop efforts to smear the Rwanda-UK asylum seekers processing deal.

In an interview with The Times, IVU shamelessly claimed that: “Everybody knows that we have a dictatorship in Rwanda. That is not a secret.” Imagine a “dictatorship” in which IVU got a fair trial for her crimes, was convicted, did time in prison, and then received a presidential pardon. Imagine a “dictatorship” in which this convicted criminal is then free to run her terrorist group from her house, right in Kigali, daily broadcasting her propaganda, but no one touches her. What a “dictatorship”!

Now, she is freely trashing the agreement between UK and Rwanda that would afford a better life for thousands of desperate asylum seekers. Why? Because she is only interested in propagating a negative image of Rwanda.

Rwanda has made it clear that it is a country that only looks to prioritize the dignity and rights of humanity, and that includes illegal migrants trafficked by ruthless gangs to Europe. These are people mostly dying in the Mediterranean Sea and awful transit centers in those countries. Rwanda wants to give them a peaceful home or a means of transit if necessary.

You can count on IVU to distort the good intentions of Rwanda.

She is just an opportunistic sadist and a negationist.

To no one’s surprise, Ingabire wants the UK to back off, with her repeated smears that “there is no freedom in Rwanda”, and other such distortions.

What a deluded terrorist!

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