With Museveni’s regime ravaged by assorted failures and scandals, Himbara smears Rwanda – the case of Covid-19

RNC mouthpiece Himbara’s online smears against Rwanda on any issue on Rwanda have become comical. The idle Murunganwa in particular likes to target areas where Rwanda makes significant progress. Smearing and trying to discredit Rwanda’s achievements is a significant part of his services to paymaster Museveni. After all for 35 years of his rule, the only thing people see are corruption, embezzlement, and state capture by Museveni’s family – not mentioning every type of misrule known to humanity.

Apparently Rwandan success stories can be hardly tolerated in Kampala. They lead to uncomfortable questions: if Rwanda can do it, why can’t Uganda? Himbara aka Murunganwa, by constantly bad-mouthing Rwanda, tries to divert attention from a seriously failed 35-year regime that has only caused destitution to millions upon millions of people. The paid mouthpiece obviously has to help hide his sponsor’s failures with laughable anti-Rwanda propaganda.

His latest target is the covid-19 response in Rwanda. Himbara claims that Rwanda “will not manage to produce vaccines” simply because it received support and donations for international partners. But India, a leading manufacturer of vaccines, sought and obtained assistance when the delta variant went out of control. Does Murunganwa think people do not know that the fight against Covid-19 is an international effort, with cooperation and mutual assistance amongst states?

When Covid-19 broke out in East Africa, the regime of Murunganwa’s paymaster responded with corrupt exploitation of the pandemic. As it was an election years, Museveni launched a series of scams and used Covid-19 as an excuse to violently crack down on his opposition. Then Museveni gave promises “to produce a cure” and vaccines with the help of a fellow called Sarfaraz Niaz. Their “cure” turned out to be a mere alcohol based sanitizing spray. Moving on from that scam, Museveni then promoted unproven herbal medicine like covidex – another con that’s consumed billions of taxpayer shillings.

But Mr. Murunganwa aka Himbara chooses to tarnish Rwanda.

Truly, no one has a harder task than Museveni-paid liars.

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