Abel Kandiho, the uneducated, ruthless murderer carrying out Museveni’s mayhem

Picked from the streets of Ntungamo as a goon who used to deal in drugs and a notorious thief and scoundrel, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho who currently heads Museveni’s bloody Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) was simply hired to execute dictator Museveni’s dirty operations.

Being uneducated and a crook who used to spend most of his time in buses roaming between western Uganda specifically Kitwe, Ntungamo, Mbarara and Kampala, Kandiho has no known education records. If anything, no people from his home village can recall him as a student at any secondary school.

Being a last born in a troubled family in which, sources confirm, the father was killed by the mother, Kandiho nurtured a belief that all men are evil. This is something that made him a ferocious, unapologetic, inconsiderate, inhumane and ruthless human being that cared only about his survival. In so doing he became even ruthless to his mother, whom he had started catering for after becoming a senior officer in Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF).

Prior to being an UPDF member, the death merchant Kandiho, had been working as a henchman to intelligence operatives especially in bloody deals like resells of drugs confiscated by security agencies; providing information for notorious gangsters in Kampala and, or pimps selling prostitutes.

The bloody murderer Kandiho was imprisoned twice for high end heists and other types of thievery, a record that made security organs think about him twice. He was initially hired as their stooge but later was helped to join UPDF.

Being so heartless, uneducated and inhumane, he attracted the attention of Museveni’s brother Salim Saleh. The latter likes such unscrupulous characters, as errand boys in his endless dirty deals. With Saleh as his godfather, Kandiho rose very quickly through the ranks and was later offered intelligence training in South Africa. There he spent two years before returning to Uganda to be groomed into the most cold-blooded murderer, executing unspeakable deeds on behalf of Museveni.

Records have it that it mostly is Kandiho himself who kill his own victims at the lower pavement of CMI headquarters in Mbuya Barracks. Sources there say, that it is one of his hobbies because he looks relieved every time he tortures to death someone or shoots him point blank.

This criminal will have answer for the deaths and disappearances of tens of thousands of innocent Ugandans.

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