As life becomes hard in confinement, David Muruganwa begs Museveni for contract renewal.

Yoweri Museveni, with his numerous frailties and insecurities, has been forcing himself on live broadcasts to reassure his followers that he is still alive. His paid mouthpieces, like David Murunganwa Himbara —the RNC weed smoking propagandist— falsely assume that other world leaders suffer the same inflictions.

He sponsored useless tools like Murunganwa aka Himbara for many years. With his old age, he now competes for favor in hatefulness. The more they display hatred of Rwanda, the more money he throws at them. Himbara and his fellow Rwanda National Congress (RNC) terrorists can only offer insults to Rwanda to comfort their dying sponsor. Their reflex can be explained, they play Museveni’s wounded ego to their advantage.

“My problem is that they don’t listen to me”, Museveni once told the late Nyerere as he opened up about his conflict with Rwanda. The almost eighty years old Ugandan despot historic statement on his issues with Rwanda sums up his issues, ego. Why would a foreign leader cry about the fact that a sovereign nation doesn’t listen to him? In his mind, he is the sole voice on all matters, the one everyone should listen to.

The current non stop live briefs illustrate this misplaced ego. Museveni, for his thorn, addresses every petty aspect of the Ugandan fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. He decides on the spot how many should attend a wedding, a funeral or when the curfew takes place. In his broadcast, he lectures Ugandans in such an infantile manner with repeated utterance like, “You Ugandans”or “You people”. He sleeps well knowing they listened to him, but has nightmares that Rwandans do not.

Angered, he unleashes his paid RNC mouthpieces like Himbara to attack Rwanda and its leaders. In the RNC, he found Rwandans willing to subjugate themselves to his words. They clap and obey his every single word and in exchange, he bankrolls their terrorist activities. In reality, no one wants to listen to him anymore, not even Ugandans.

After 34 years of kleptocracy in Uganda, all his lectures are empty words of a corruption kingpin. The only people who listen to him are paid to do so; those who Henry Tumukunde called members of the “payroll party”. The Rwandan National Congress counts many in Museveni’s payroll party, David Muruganwa Himbara is one of its oldest members.

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