CommandPost fakes abduction Story: Natty Dread was arrested with narcotic drugs at Kigali International Airport

Rwanda does not abduct Ugandans or anyone like CommandPost is claiming in its usual propaganda against Rwanda. Bob Atwine’s hateful media, sponsored by the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, is so desperate in his search for a moral equivalence that he confuses lawful arrest and abduction. Arrests in Rwanda are done in accordance to law!

On Friday 14th Feb, a Ugandan national Babara Natty Dread Tonyz was arrested at Kigali International Airport possessing narcotic drugs. He was in transit from Entebbe to Nairobi aboard WB.

The suspect Natty Dread admitted to having been taking drugs and claimed it eases his asthma condition. This was in total violation of Rwandan laws which ban use, traffic and sell of narcotic drugs.

Immediately after Natty Dread’s arrest, Rwanda informed the Ugandan embassy about their citizen’s detention unlike hundreds of innocent Rwandans who are arbitrary arrested, tortured & killed without notifying the Rwandan High Commission in Kampala.

Natty is under pre-trial detention at Mageragere prison, Nyarugenge as his file is being processed for prosecution. Readers should be reminded that Uganda still holds hundreds of innocent Rwandans on planted charges without trial & consular visits.

CommandPost claims that Natty was abducted are untrue, Bob Atwine is simply looking for a moral equivalence for what innocents Rwandans endure in CMI torture centers.

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