Terrorist Nyamwasa’s fake compassion for the late Fred Gisa Rwigema confirms his egocentric nature. In his recent writings, the fugitive is clearly obsessed with Rwanda’s history and the late General’s death. His recent posts on his Facebook page “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” are a sign of pure obsession. This is his usual tactic to divert people’s attention away from the embarrassment he feels from the recent parading of fellow RNC criminals in court for a second trial.

Hypocritically, fugitive Nyamwasa goes down memory lane to 1st October 1990, where he pretends to reminisce on late Rwigema’s ‘last word’ – “this is home, some of us came when we were young, some of you were born in diaspora, everything we have gone through it’s because of bad politics and leadership, we have picked up arms as our last option, we have tried any other options but failed. We don’t need power, only an identity, recognition, and acceptance. Our main objective is to force them into negotiations but not to capture state power.”

Had the fugitive had a sound mind, he would heed to the “last word” he is pretending to reminisce about. However, self-absorbed Nyamwasa only thinks about what benefits him and him alone. For he can go above and beyond to satisfy his greed and power-hungry self. https://gahigisafari.wordpress.com/2019/10/13/terrorist-kayumba-nyamwasas-desperate-move-to-smear-rwanda/

If he had a sound mind, he would spot on know and understand that what he claims as the late’s “last word” when he said “Rwandans love eating and enjoying on things we haven’t worked or sweated for, they are a jealous people, we are selfish, we are greedy and we are deceitful and treacherous”, he would know that this was a warning that people like him exist. It was a clear description of Kayumba Nyamwasa. A deceitful-treacherous man!

Taking advantage of a dead man’s story to cover up his failures, embarrassment, and criminality is hypocrisy of the highest order.

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