MoU Freaks out Terrorist Kayumba

Fearful Kayumba Nyamwasa has come up with his critics on Memorandum of Understanding that took place in Angola. The two heads of States of Rwanda and Uganda met to sign up a MoU committing to regional cooperation and security agreement to resolve conflicts between the two countries.

His insecurity is driving him crazy. Since he is the centre of all conflicts, his fears are rising up and he’s coming up with all sorts of stories that tarnish Rwanda to mislead his audience.

Kayumba being hosted and facilitated by Museveni’s regime, this peace agreement does not favour him at all. Uganda has been his refuge for about 2 years. He is now figuring out where he will carry out his criminal acts in case he’s kicked out by Museveni.

He’s also focusing on spreading hate and lies as away to keep relevant in the eyes of his followers. He still struggles so hard to divide people in order to add a few number of people in his terrorist group RNC. Now more than ever before, the fugitive is freaked out by the Memorandum of Understanding between Uganda and Rwanda since there’s a possibility of him being thrown out.

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