UNGA 78: With all his ineptitude, Tshisekedi brings “White Paper” to UN, a bunch of delusional lies

Targeting the United Nations General Assembly happening today in New York, the Tshisekedi regime rustled up a new “White Paper” to help narrate its endless preposterous lies and smears against Rwanda.

This “White Paper” was presented by the regime spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya, and the minister of Justice, Rose Mutombo to the media last week on September 14th. The document, a second one concocted by the Tshisekedi regime, peddles the smear that “Rwanda is at the heart of the DRC crisis.”

Ignoring the fact that the “White Paper” is a document full of delusional lies only designed to conceal Tshisekedi’s failures borne of bottomless ineptitude at the General Assembly, the regime wants to deceive the world about the recent carnage in Congo whereby Tshisekedi’s republican guards massacred hundreds of civilians on the streets of Goma. This is a crime that only Tshisekedi is responsible for however, and no one will ever be deceived otherwise.

This is not the first time the Tshisekedi regime has tried to peddle such flimsy lies. For instance, when Tshisekedi desired to fool the world that “Rwanda is responsible for the failure to stabilize the Eastern Congo,” Kinshasa concocted the same thing in December 2022 by publishing the first “White Paper.”

It is high time that the UN and the whole world in attendance at the UN General Assembly refuse to entertain the lies of an incompetent leader and his regime that failed to protect its citizens. Tshisekedi has seriously played the game of hiding his incompetence through scapegoating for a very long time now.

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