Tshisekedi keeps sending the DRC further into the heart of darkness

Congolese unhinged ruler Tshisekedi’s tenure in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) seems to be spiraling into a relentless quagmire, with each passing day marking a descent into chaos. It is becoming increasingly evident that Tshisekedi’s reckless policies and harebrained actions are turning him into the architect of his downfall, plunging the nation into the abyss of despair, as the international players who placed him into the hands of power in 2019 appear to care more about their interests than the plight of the DRC.

For a start, the international puppet masters who orchestrated Tshisekedi’s ascent to power in 2019 are showing their true colors, revealing that their interests take precedence over the welfare of DRC. If they truly had the nation’s best interests at heart, they would be working like the countries in the African sub-region to stop the ongoing hostilities and address the legitimate grievances of the Congolese political movement M23 through the Nairobi Road map.

Historically, agreements inked with the M23 rebels, dating back to the Treaty of Goma in 2007 and stretching to the Nairobi Protocols of December 2013, have been nothing more than empty promises to the Kinshasa regime. This unending cycle of deceit has played a pivotal role in plunging the DRC into its current abyss, a never-ending conflict that has left a trail of devastation, death, and despair.

Despite Tshisekedi’s grandiose gestures of military buildup, control over the volatile situation remains a distant dream. While the M23 rebels have given some liberated territory to the eastern African regional force, they are still within DRC borders, poised to reignite their liberation fight. Tshisekedi’s reluctance to engage in meaningful dialogue only further legitimatizes their fight.

Adding fuel to the fire, foreign troops, including mercenaries, amassed on Congolese soil. Furthermore, Tshisekedi’s dubious strategy of arming both local militias and foreign entities like the tropical Nazi from FDLR under the banner of “Wazalendo” has achieved nothing, but exacerbating the militarization of the DRC without addressing the underlying issue.

The stark reality is glaringly apparent: attempting to solve humanitarian crises through military means is a recipe for catastrophe. The only viable route forward is a swift, negotiated resolution. Yet, with every passing day, President Tshisekedi appears willing to sacrifice the lives of Congolese citizens on the altar of perpetual warfare, even as public sentiment shifts against this militaristic folly, especially with the looming December elections on the horizon.

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