The sham of Rwanda’s ‘undemocratic’ label by the global capitalist thought police

In a world where the global capitalist thought police wield immense power, it is essential to recognize the narratives they craft and the labels they attach to nations. Often, they create arbitrary divisions between the “democratic” and the “authoritarian,” of course for their nefarious purposes. Rwanda more often than not finds itself tagged as one of the latter, but we know the reasons. Rwanda’s brand of democracy dares to defy the run-of-the-mill Western mold.

But let’s take a moment to step back and cut through the noise surrounding democracy. At its core, democracy is about people governing themselves. It is not just a catchy phrase; it is a tangible expression of people’s authority to actively shape the course of public matters—a principle actively realized in Rwanda across all tiers of our centralized governance model.

However, the critics of Rwanda, driven by their agendas, often fail to acknowledge these fundamental principles. They continue to push their anti-Rwandan narrative, portraying opposition groups as champions of “democracy” when they are, in reality, something entirely different.

These “opposition” factions can be classified into three categories. First, there’s a small clique of extremists in the Rwandan diaspora, handpicked by fugitive military leaders who bear the blame for the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi (Read FDU Inkingi). Second, we have the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), fronted by the exiled terrorist mastermind Kayumba Nyamwasa, operating as a full-fledged terror outfit that killed and maimed scores of Rwandan civilians in the 2010 bombings. Lastly, the remnants of the racist, proto-genocidal regime from 1962 to 1973 under Kayibanda’s rule operate on YouTube.

These groups have relentlessly sought to violently overthrow Rwanda’s post-genocide government, using the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as their operational base. This is not mere speculation but a reality confirmed by four former FDLR officers who defected back to Rwanda: Col. Amri Bizimana, Major Damascene Rugamba, and Lt. Col. Abraham Sam Bisengimana, and, Colonel Ndererimana Norbert, aka Gaheza, who was arrested as an infiltrator and pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

Nonetheless, Rwanda’s relentless critics are still clamoring for the Rwandan Government to roll out the red carpet for these “opposition” troublemakers in the upcoming elections. Shockingly, despite their grim history of Hutu Power and violent insurrections aimed at toppling the government, they audaciously demand a seat at the political table. But the stark truth is, there is not a scintilla of evidence suggesting that the Rwandan people would ever entertain such madness, especially given the haunting memories of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The dreams of most Rwandans are plain and simple: safety, economic prosperity, a return to normalcy in a post-pandemic world, and an end to reliance on foreign handouts. The RPF-led government has, time and again, delivered these vital necessities, rendering these rabble-rousing “opposition groups” and their Western cheerleaders, who parrot the lofty ideals of “democracy,” utterly obsolete and out of touch with the real desires of the Rwandan populace.

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