With its back against the wall following Goma massacres, Kinshasa regime turns to its tired “blame everything on Rwanda” script

The puerile Patrick Muyaya, Chief parrot of the Kinshasa regime, yesterday told a press conference that the FARDC/FDLR presidential guard units massacred people after the “presence of Rwandan troops at the common border points made them panic!”

Fielding questions from assembled journalists, Patrick Muyaya, without batting an eyelid, said the Congolese intelligence had sent an alert of a heavy presence of Rwanda troops at the border and that this information made the FARDC/FDLR turn their guns on the peaceful demonstrators instead of the ostensible threat!

It was quite clear during the press conference that the Kinshasa regime did not have a sensible explanation for the massacre of innocent Congolese.

The deputy prime minister, who is also the minister of internal affairs, Peter Kazadi, had to be rescued by Muyaya on several occasions when he failed to answer questions from journalists.

Being the co-author of the “blame Rwanda” script had to interject answer questions meant for the internal minister, blaming the massacre on Rwanda without clarifying what Rwandan troops had to do with the massacres when they were on their side of the border.

The world already knows that the Rwanda army, RDF, has made its presence at the border clear through different statements since the intensification of the conflict in eastern Congo.

The RDF communicated that their deployments at the border as a preventive measure to protect Rwandans against any spillover of the conflict from across the border.

If anything has exposed the incompetence of the Kinshasa regime, it is the Goma massacres. The international community should not seek any further evidence that the Kinshasa regime led by Tshisekedi cannot be expected to lead Congo to the peace and prosperity desired by Congolese and well-wishers.

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