It is time to stop peddling ridiculous and empty double genocide theories merely to slander RPF Inkotanyi

The routine of peddling double genocide theories among perpetrators, their progenies, and friends is familiar. Their political agenda is not only to instill an ideology that downplays and denies the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, but also to disparage RPF Inkotanyi that stopped it.

Recently, I stumbled on a video of a certain Joseph Matata, saying that RPF planned for genocide before the genocidal regime even thought of it. This old video was resurrected and recirculated by more deniers to continually slander RPF Inkotanyi’s heroic struggle that liberate Rwanda.

However, it is idiotic to create such bogus accusations that RPF Inkotanyi planned a “genocide of Hutu”. It is their usual ploy to alter historical facts for political reasons.

It is a known fact that RPF Inkotanyi was created to fight segregation that plagued Rwanda since the early 1950s when the anti-Tutsi ideology started to be spread by Belgian colonizers that “Tutsis were themselves foreigners and had originated from Abyssinia.”

The segregation intensified even after the independence until Rwanda became a country where certain people were marginalized, and others refused their rights to return to their own country.

Starting the liberation struggle to end all this injustice and bad politics, RPF Inkotanyi was a disciplined army committed to the cause, with no mentality to commit genocide.

The double genocide theories that have been rituals of several detractors as a way to weaken RPF Inkotanyi should stop, as they undermine all efforts to prevent future genocide, and disrespect the memory of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi victims.

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