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Shock as Kinshasa regime attacks the US but vehemently defends the FDLR genocidaires

During a press briefing by the FARDC, whose objective was to attack the United States of America after the Secretary of State issued a statement announcing his phone conversation with President Kagame, the FARDC/FDLR spokesperson, Sylvain Ekenge said this:

“The 1994 FDLR are President Kagame’s age and do not pose a serious threat to Rwanda, and Rwanda is using them to attack our country”

In Ekenge’s reasoning, the FDLR of the 1990 ‘ is President Paul Kagame’s age,’ and to him, this implies they are no threat to Rwanda. Inversely, this nullifies their whining about Rwanda being a threat to DRC security because, after all, the Rwanda army of 1990 ‘is the same age as FDLR’ going by Ekenge’s puerile “argument.”

Obviously, in their usual insecure manner, the Kinshasa regime has been rattled by the state of affairs where they no longer receive the attention they initially received from the international community. Everyone has finally realized that they are dealing with a regime led by an adult with the brain of a toddler.

The FARDC/FDLR spokesperson accused the United States of ‘spreading Rwandan propaganda’ because the Secretary of State, Blinken, failed to use the Kinshasa regime’s distorted script which portrays them as victims.

The Kinshasa regime has failed to come to terms with the fact that the pampering is over, which is the reason the international community has ceased issuing one-sided statements that have mostly favored the regime’s false narrative.

The truth has finally dawned on the international community that the Kinshasa regime led by Tshisekedi is the tumor afflicting regional security, and the sooner it is uprooted, the better.

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