Michela Wrong’s latest propaganda hit piece is a reflection of her own narcissistic paranoia

In her recent article for The Spectator titled “Is anywhere safe for Paul Kagame’s critics?”, Michela Wrong continues her relentless campaign to smear and slander President Kagame. While it would be gratifying to meticulously dissect each and every one of Wrong’s accusations and scrutinize them in great detail, the unfortunate constraints of this blog compel us to only touch upon the surface of her self-indulgent and paranoid arguments raised in her Spectator propaganda article.

In the opening of her article, Wrong shares her encounter at a Brussels Restaurant, claiming to have received a phone call from a Benin journalist who was set to chair an event alongside her. According to Wrong, the journalist relayed alleged complaints and threats from pro-government Rwandan groups aimed at the Restaurant owner. It’s all very dramatic, but what evidence does Wrong provide to substantiate these assertions? It appears that her claims rely solely on hearsay and vague accusations. Fictions in other words. Are we supposed to unquestioningly accept her account? The audacity is hard to ignore!

Wrong further discusses the term “négationniste” (genocide denial) and how it is allegedly used by the Rwandan Government to label anyone critical of President Kagame. Naturally, it is important to differentiate between legitimate criticism and the mindless repetition of claims spewed by Western individuals who seem to have taken up the task of echoing the propaganda concocted by the remnants of Hutu Power. Ah, but alas, Wrong appears to find solace in aligning herself with these very elements, faithfully parroting their narratives with such fervor that one can hardly fathom her as anything other than a full-fledged genocide denier herself.

In her convoluted storytelling, Wrong shamelessly spins a narrative where Jambo ASBL, an association comprising individuals closely tied to the orchestrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, including the offspring of the notorious Hutu Power leader and former genocidal regime ruler Juvenal Habyarimana, alongside active members of infamous terror groups like the RNC, FDU-Inkingi, and FDLR, is elevated to the status of a magnificent “Pan-African think-tank.” It truly boggles the mind to witness such a profound detachment from reality, as Wrong attempts to paint a glamorous picture of this dubious clique.

Wrong’s remarkable self-absorption is on full display as she paints herself as the epicenter of Kagame’s supposed repressive machinations. The truth, however, lies in Kagame’s unwavering commitment to advancing Rwanda’s prosperity, uplifting its citizens, and maintaining regional stability. It is quite laughable to imagine that he would divert any attention from his noble pursuits for the Rwandan people to indulge the melodramatic fantasies of a lovesick paramour, burdened by the memories of her deceased smooth skinny honey terrorist lover- Patrick Karegeya. The sheer audacity and delusion required to harbor such beliefs is truly perplexing.

Perhaps a dose of reality would do wonders for Wrong’s perspective and spare us all from her overblown sense of importance.

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