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As foreign investments multiply in Rwanda, notorious propagandist Himbara cries failure!

David Himbara aka Murunganwa, a funded notorious anti-Rwanda propagandist ran a spin on his social media platforms in a failed attempt to negate Rwandan Government’s high-tech initiatives which have registered milestones in the country’s quest to pursue accelerated economic growth.

Rwanda National Congress-RNC terrorist group publicist Murunganwa singles out a few investments from tens of successful foreign investments in Rwanda to peddle debunked falsehoods that portray Rwanda as non-business friendly country. For Instance Volkswagen Rwanda has succeed in its investment targets where the locally-based plant assembles between 500 and 600 yearly. Its establishment into Rwanda has helped a lot in terms of easing transport in both Uber-like taxi business and car-rental system; furthermore VW-Rwanda has also provided Rwandans with affordable and accessible brand-new cars and spare parts when many used to spend more on imported second-hand vehicles which are even subjected to higher taxes.

In propagandist Himbara’s mind, nothing works in Rwanda, that’s what he wants force down his small gullible audience’ throat. However, the reality is Rwanda’s political and economic stability offers a conducive environment for investments. The country has managed to attract billions of dollars from Foreign Direct Investment-FDI from globally-recognized brands which have impacted the economy and living conditions of the Rwandan citizens.

Speaking on alleged “failure of Mara Phone”; the high-tech smartphone producer also being World’s First Made-in-Africa Smartphone has addressed the issues of scarcity of smartphones in Rwanda. The local brand produces the cheapest smartphones costing from Rwf45,000 and Rwf148,000 with a possibility to pay in 12 installments where a client can pay Rwf4,000 a month and own a handset. Himbara won’t mentions things like Rwanda’s fast-growing mobile phone penetration which has grown from 6.2% in 2006 to 78.8% in 2022, according to Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authority-RURA’s statistics; Mara Phone contributed to this high jump through production of affordable and quality handsets.

Foreign investors don’t need to read Murunganwa’s delusional utterances to make their decisions; they invest in Rwanda after thorough background checks. Who wouldn’t wish to invest in a fast-growing economy and stable country? Nobody; after wall investors want to put their money where their businesses will be safe; Rwanda guarantees them just that.

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