Tshisekedi’s regime no different from Rwanda’s past genocidal regime

Congolese ruler Felix Tshisekedi has revealed his true colors, same as the MRND regime that planned and perpetrated the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It was an ideology of hatred and divisionism indoctrinated in Rwandans that moreover did not spare the young generation in schools. Now, these are the very methods that Tshisekedi in Kinshasa has adopted. Sad!

Normally education in schools has the purpose of forming the minds of a country’s young, and plays a great role in shaping a society’s future. The genocide ideology in Rwanda – which Tshisekedi is copying, and which he is having taught in schools – began included a process of ethnic identification, and demonization, in this case Tutsis. Sure enough, the Kinshasa regime is targeting Congolese of Tutsi ethnicity.

The Ex-FAR and Interahamwe template that to led to egregious atrocities claiming over a million Tutsis is being executed in the eastern DRC. The Tshisekedi regime uses the same language as the MRND, calling Tutsi Congolese “snakes”, “foreigners”, and so on.

To date there have been several genocidal, or hate attacks against Tutsi Congolese groups, in the form of pogroms and massacres, and destruction of their property and livestock.

But all that the world does is watch, and say nothing, or say very little.

Regional Heads of State, and others overseas including French President Emmanuel Macron, or Pope Francis have made appeals to Tshisekedi, to embrace peace through dialogue. As if Tshisekedi has not made his genocidal intentions very clear!

Action is the only language genocidal criminals like Tshisekedi understand, beginning with real, targeted sanctions.

The world has to let Tshisekedi know that his crimes – perpetrated openly, and that are provable with video and audio evidence – will have serious consequences.

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