Untold story: FARDC-FDLR intensify brutalities and crimes against humanity in ongoing genocide against Congolese Tutsi populations

Various social media platforms are currently awash with graphic photographs and videos featuring an FDLR assailant putting the muzzle of his gun in the mouth of a Masisi-based Tutsi Congolese herdsman. The assailant later shoots the herdsman dead, live on camera.

A FARDC soldier dressed in the Republic guard (Garde Républicaine) uniform is also seen in the very same video assisting the former to torment the helpless victim. It is FDLR’s publicists that shared the video yesterday while announcing a plan to “exterminate” Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi Congolese whom Kinshasa – with its usual baseless propaganda – calls “enemies of Congo that work with Rwanda”.

The development came days after FARDC-FDLR also shared graphic videos showing their assailants shooting ruthlessly at cattle owned by Tutsi communities whereby hundreds of cows perished on the spot.

Those are yet other methods that the Tshisekedi regime employed to fast-track the ongoing genocide that it is committing against Congolese citizens of Tutsi ethnicity. The excuse is that these innocent people (including women and children) are “accomplices” to the M23, a Congolese movement that fights to protect these particular citizens.

The silent genocide remains undocumented due to Kinshasa’s unconventional approach of silencing local media outlets and intimidating journalists and others who attempt to bring attention to the atrocities committed against those labelled as “enemies of DRC” by Tshisekedi and his inner circle.

The ongoing killings are organized and overseen by Kinshasa’s sitting regime – for instance, President Tshisekedi himself unveiled a militia wing dubbed “Brigade Spéciale de l’UDPS” which is under the aegis of his ruling party.

The youthful members of Tshisekedi’s militia strutted around with machetes, spears, and hammers among other crude weapons while intimidating the Tutsi. These gruesome incidents of violence are escalating into genocide as days go on.

Tshisekedi and his government are perpetrating crimes against humanity, and the world better take note.

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