DRC’s ICC complaint is another propaganda hype with no substance

In a stunning display of theatrics, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has pulled another rabbit out of its propaganda hat, filing “a complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Rwanda and M23 rebel movement.”

However, this complaint is nothing more than a hollow gesture, an empty noise that carries no weight in the sane world.

For one thing, who is going to waste time on Congolese trumped up fictions?

One thing that’s important to note is that the Tshisekedi regime clings to its anti-Rwanda narrative in the desperate hope that it will conceal its own violations of international law, and the egregious war crimes it has committed.

Let us examine the facts. Human Rights Watch has extensively documented how the DRC has utilized armed groups as proxies (supposedly to “tackle insecurity).

These groups, usually with the involvement of soldiers from the Congolese national military (FARDC) have been responsible for widespread abuses, including murder, sexual violence, and theft and illegal mineral exploitation. This complicity in supporting and collaborating with armed groups raises serious questions about the DRC’s commitment to upholding international law.

Moreover, the DRC’s anti-Rwanda actions can be seen as a desperate attempt to deflect attention from its own shortcomings and failures. The military stalemate, diplomatic impasse, and political paralysis that plague the DRC have not been effectively addressed. Instead of addressing these pressing issues, the DRC chooses to engage in a theatrical performance at the ICC, hoping to shift the spotlight away from its own criminality.

On the other hand, the showmanship and empty gestures of Kinshasa do not feed the hungry or provide security to the vulnerable. The Congolese people deserve a Government that prioritizes their well-being, that tackles corruption, fosters economic growth, and promotes social cohesion. They deserve leaders who rise above the theatrics and work tirelessly to build a stable, prosperous, and united nation.

The latest ICC ploy by the Tshisekedi regime will die down just like similar anti-Rwanda schemes that he, and his cronies, have tried before.

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