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RNC’s blackmail with pretext of “Political Openness” In Rwanda Will Never See The Light Of The Day

RNC’s recent gathering in Washington DC, where they boldly asserted their demand for political space in Rwanda, showcases a remarkable level of audacity. It is quite astonishing that an organization with a well-documented history of violence and terrorism, openly advocating for the violent overthrow of a government through tactics such as grenade attacks and targeted assassinations, would have the temerity to promote the idea of “political openness.”

For a start, the RNC’s purported plea for political space in Rwanda is about as genuine as a snake offering a warm embrace. Beneath their superficial rhetoric lies a web of deceit and ulterior motives, exposing their true nature as power-hungry opportunists. Add to that their actions, far louder than their hollow words, reveal a cold-hearted agenda that places their thirst for power above the welfare and prosperity of the Rwandan people.

Second, RNC’s actions undermine the very principles they claim to uphold. Their pursuit of power through violence and disregard for the well-being of the Rwandan people reveal fundamental hypocrisy at the core of their rhetoric. It is akin to a wolf disguising itself in sheep’s clothing, pretending to advocate for the rights and freedoms of others while plotting its next move to seize control.

Moreover, their calls for open political space have become quite a sensation in their discourse about Rwanda. It is like the latest viral meme, repeated ad nauseam without any substance or coherent vision. It’s as if they believe that foreign catchy slogans of political space will magically solve the complex challenges faced by the country.

Memo to the RNC: Rwanda needs more than just catchy jingles; it needs solutions and visionary leadership—qualities that alas, have always eluded you and will continue to do so.

Perhaps one day, when pigs fly, and unicorns roam the land, RNC’s empty words will become the panacea they dream to be. Until then, Rwanda will persist with its capable leaders who have time, and time again, demonstrated their ability to rise above the superficial charms of empty rhetoric. These leaders understand that true progress requires more than just catchy phrases; it demands practical action, sincere commitment, and a genuine understanding of the needs and aspirations of the Rwandan people.

Also, who said there is no “political space in Rwanda”?

The people of Rwanda prefer a consensus-based democracy whereby the different political parties work together (as opposed to violent rhetoric-fueled antagonism) for the common good of the country.

RNC tarnishes Rwanda, precisely because it knows its violence has no place in the nation’s political discourse.

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