When Rwanda rolls out a robust plan to support flood victims, Himbara calls it “killing her people”

Rwanda National Congress terror group mouthpiece, David Himbara aka Murunganwa has resurrected from his deep slumber, to distort President Kagame’s remarks about the recent deadly floods and landslides in the Western Province. A rumor monger per excellence is Murunganwa!

The Head of State’s remarks were a demand for accountability by local leaders, who fail to deliver on their mandate as leaders to implement the national agenda which included, in this case, building infrastructure such as water channels, drainage system, concrete structures among others that would have prevent the loss of lives.

However Murunganwa, as a man who ran away from his responsibilities in fear of being held to account for his mistakes, will never understand why leaders have to provide answers which is in line with Rwanda’s three big choices that propelled the country to where it is today. In any country with a functional leadership like Rwanda’s, policies aren’t just scripts, they are made to be implemented and its impact must be reflected in the wellbeing of its citizens, this is where accountability comes in, to ensure resources are used efficiently and effectively to support the people.

In his anti-Kagame narrative, the bitter terror publicist Murunganwa omits to mention President Kagame’s led efforts to support the floods’ victims. The Rwandan Government through the established Command Centre for Coordination and support operations to floods and landslides disasters, rolled out a humanitarian plan that reached out to all citizens affected by the disasters. People were relocated from high-risk zones to safer areas, supplied with food, other essentials. The President himself, the Prime Minister and other senior government officials descended to the scene and commiserated with people who lost their loved ones. In this point in time, the message of hope and a clear plan to cushion citizens from similar disasters in future are all that victims needed and they got that.

In fact as a response to devastating floods and mudslides, the Rwanda Government earmarked $30 million for the resettlement of over 120 families affected by the disasters. The funds will be used to build two modern model villages in Rubavu District to accommodate the families. A short-sighted propagandist as Murunganwa won’t mention such thing.

This loser Himbara should really concentrate on his fast worsening health conditions, and his addiction to illegal substances, rather than waste time on Rwandans! The leadership of Rwanda places people at the center of her ambitious development plan, it’s delivering and that’s what really matters.

No wonder Murunganwa is so bitter!

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