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Construction of new 1500 home units, how Rwanda fulfills the migration deal with UK

The Rwandan Government together with UK have done groundbreaking work on the construction of more than 1500 house units, for the upcoming relocation of asylum seekers, taking the UK Migration and Economic Development Partnership to the next level.

The relocation and resettlement of illegal migrants who take perilous journeys to Europe mostly from Africa and Middle East has stirred much debate across a section of UK media outlets and self-styled critics that have been abuzz, with some opportunistically and for political propaganda purposes bad-mouthing the deal.

Prior to announcement of the construction of new home units in Gahanga sector, the so-called critics of Rwanda and left wingers in UK tried to block the relocation plan, by filing legal cases on basis that Rwanda lacked basic and necessary tools to accommodate designated migrants.

While in the first phase, the scheme to relocate illegal migrants was supposed to cater for 1000 asylum seekers, done into five shipments, the upcoming project of constructing more than 1500 home units puts an end to all concerns about Rwanda’s ability to implement the deal or its ability to accommodate the migrants.

Last year on 19th December the High Court in London ruled that the plan of sending illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda did not violate any domestic rule and that the scheme did not breach any of the UN’s Refugee Convention or human rights laws. Since then, the UK Government has been into back and forth plans to finalize the deal with Rwanda.

From the era of Theresa May, throughout the tenure of Boris Johnson and the current Prime Minister Rishie Sunak, the tory government has been proactive to see the partnership deal come into life despite heavy resistance by reactionaries and other anti-Rwanda elements.

Rwanda never ceased to prove to the world that the migration deal with UK is not extortionist like vitriol critics argue, but rather the best strategy to solve global migration crisis. The crisis that continues to claim lives of innocent migrants that drown in the Mediterranean Sea in search for a better life in Europe which has been become a cash cow for rackets of human traffickers and smuggling gangs facilitating the perilous journeys to Europe.

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