Rwanda’s truth on DRC issues told to Kigali diplomatic corps

Anybody that followed Rwanda’s head of state remarks during the diplomatic corps dinner on Wednesday will remember how the President spoke passionately about the hypocrisy of big powers concerning DRC’s core issues.

From how the west deliberately ignores the truth, facts, and evidence on DRC, sympathizes with its trouble makers, and plunders its resources to how they chose to make Rwanda a scapegoat of a country that is hundreds of times bigger than its size. President Kagame laid it all bare.

For starters, the so-called big powers from the West need to stop looking at the concept of truth as a sided perception or subjective notion. The sooner the west changes this mindset on DR Congo, the earlier they will be able to diagnose the problem and hopefully attempt an actual solution. 

President Kagame tasked the west to assess why Rwanda’s problem with DRC is a cycle that comes every after 10 years, and why the UN mission in DRC failed to be effective for the past 25 years. In the same order, he questioned why the United Nations Group of Experts has been producing reports but ignored the real reason why the Genocidal FDLR has stayed in operation in DR Congo for nearly three decades.

Rwanda’s President politely reminded the diplomatic corps that DRC’s problems are nobody else’s but themselves. Rwanda cannot be responsible for the lack of genuine leadership in DRC, lack of accountability, high level of corruption, and providing safe havens for genocidal forces like FDLR that have been spreading genocidal ideology and committing bloody crimes in DRC. If anything, he said that Rwanda will use every possible means to stop genocide to come back to its territories.

The solution to DRC’s rampant insecurity and other governance problems is the sole responsibility of the Congolese themselves. Whether the west chooses to ignore or pretend to be, the cycle is nowhere near the end. Unfortunately, it will always hurt and haunt the Congolese.

Picture from Urugwiro

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