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Rwanda won’t be bullied by leaders fanning disunity and war

Plagues follow bad leadership in ancient Greek tales, and this isn’t a new phenomenon in DRC. The past year or so has produced an avalanche of bungles, failures, and questionable decisions on the Congolese ruler’s part- many so distinctive that they merit special attention and condemn as they should. 

Don’t blame me, blame Rwanda: At this moment, anyone who follows news trends must have seen or heard Tshisekedi’s viral and endless whining about Rwanda. And in all the blame shifting that has gone on for almost a year, Tshisekedi is busy arming the already existent 130 and more armed groups, imported mercenaries, and endorsing the national army to arm civilians who are in turn harming other civilians. A cold war he is fueling and in turn scapegoating his neighbors.

Like President Kagame said yesterday, “If you go to Kinshasa and blame Rwanda like Kinshasa is saying, all you are doing is you are actually telling Kinshasa you don’t have to do anything, the problem is on the other side, we are going to fix that problem for you”

Convene fellow leaders and make a fool out of them after reaching an agreement: everyone is confused by Antoine Tshisekedi’s chameleon ways, and his struggle for authority and power acquisition has become characteristic of a self-serving leader.

Ask for help and then kick the help to the curb for unconditionally helping; the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) has had to face the wrath of Tshisekedi’s lawless mobs of demonstrators in protest against their presence in DRC to help bring peace as requested.

What we see today in DRC is a result of a blindsided man, consumed by a desire for authority but connived by big nations fanning the ambers of disunity and war. With Tshisekedi’s poor leadership, violence, insecurity, and lawlessness took over and innocent civilians are left to fend for themselves.

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