Tshisekedi’s duplicity will cost Congolese, and entire EAC

If one said that the Congolese leader doesn’t know what he wants, they would be insinuating that he is a juvenile self-centered immature individual. But the symptoms Tshisekedi is manifesting are those of a deceitful individual who deliberately misleads people with a false appearance to manipulate the situation.

While at the 20th extraordinary summit concluded just on Saturday in Bujumbura, the East African Heads of state agreed to respect and implement the decisions of the summit and obligations agreed upon in previous meetings and other established instruments on the restoration of peace and security in Eastern DRC. They also reiterated to de-escalate tensions and to use established regional, continental, and international mechanisms to resolve any disputes in the implementation of peace in eastern DRC.

But no sooner had the leaders left Bujumbura than the Congolese leader ordered crowds of Congolese youth extremists to protest the departure of the East African Community regional Force (EACRF).
Tshisekedi has proved to strongly renege on the execution of the Nairobi-Luanda peace process and preferred violence over peace for his people and the region.

The civilian population has borne the brunt of the violence, with the latest fighting causing mass displacement and insecurity with the national army FARDC in conjunction with FDLR and allied armed groups like Nyatura, Mai-Mai, CODECO, and others committing human rights abuses against unarmed civilians.

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