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UN Human Rights Office in Congo condemns the rise of hate speech targeting Congolese Tutsi citizens by government authorities

The UN Human Rights Office working in DRC has expressed serious concerns on proliferation of hate speech and genocide incitement targeting Congolese Tutsi communities in Congo. The rights advocates noted that hate speech messages are detrimental to human dignity and can have harmful consequences on peace, security and national cohesion.

You may ask yourself, why are these political leaders spouting this dangerous rhetoric? The fact is that the government of Tshisekedi has decided to imitate the genocidal regime in Rwanda in 1994. This is not surprising given that the Tshisekedi regime has closely allied itself with FDLR, the Congo-based terrorist group that grew from the defeated ex-FAR and Interahamwe militias – the main perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

Kinshasa apparently is taking lessons from FDLR on how to incite genocide, inflame local populations with hate speech (while also arming the FDLR as a fighting group alongside FARDC, the Congolese army).

Ever since the defeated genocidal forces fled to Congo, they’ve sowed the genocide ideology and anti-Tutsi hate amongst local Congolese populations. Kinyarwanda-speaking, Congolese Tutsis became targets of hate, labeled “enemies who deserved nothing else but death”. Now, FDLR has grown stronger with the support of Tshisekedi, who is fully committed to an agenda of genocide against fellow Congolese that just happen to be of Tutsi ethnicity.

Now, the UN Human Rights Office in Congo is opening investigations into the crimes against humanity committed by the DRC authorities, with their FDLR sidekicks, with an aim to bring the perpetrators to Justice. More power to them!

Carrying out investigations, one can only hope, will help put an end to outright impunity and enforce accountability. Matters shouldn’t end at issuing verbal statements. What’s required is taking concrete actions against the Tshisekedi Regime to bring to an end the current genocidal climate he has instituted in eastern DRC.

The International Community should not only condemn the crimes against humanity, but  also look for the durable solution of the root cause of the perennial crisis in Congo.

Instigators and promoters of hate speech from the Kinshasa regime and the allied armed militias such as FDLR must be held to account for their appalling crimes.

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