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Tshisekedi regime distributes new arms to FDLR and other terror groups to fight M23 despite reginal leaders’ call for cessationof hostilities

The Tshisekedi regime has yet again been exposed as unwilling to either bring Peace or adhere to the  Luanda and Nairobi peace agreements. Kinshasa has again showed its commitment to working with illegal armed militias, terrorist groups, by supplying arms and other military equipment to them. These include anti-Rwanda genocidal outfit FDLR, the Mai-Mai, APCLS, Nyatura, and Mai-Mai ACNDHI. Tshisekedi is giving them reinforcements, to fight the Revolutionary Movement M23, which is very wrong for a government that should instead be working for peace.

The operation to supply the terrorist militia is led by FARDC (DRC army) senior officer Col. Bokolonga, who has supervised the provision of 300 guns, including their ammunition, to each of the criminal, terrorist militias (which are implicated in genocide among other crimes). Col. Bokolonga has told members of these groups “to ready themselves to defend DRC”, and “capture all the areas under control of M23.”

Simply put, this means that the Kinshasa regime is committed to violation of the ceasefire agreement, as provided by the regional peace processes. Tshisekedi does all this knowing it contravenes the provisions of the peace pacts he signed. Regional leaders have persistently called upon Kinshasa to end its unholy alliance with armed groups that have been threatened regional security. However, Tshisekedi and his henchmen opted for turning a blind eye to their plea to keep scapegoating Rwanda for their endless woes, another testament that they aren’t interested in peace but escalation of the crisis and chaos. 

The supplies of ammunition to the armed groups comes after the Congolese ruler Tshisekedi hired the notorious Russian mercenary group- Wagner to fight M23. This begs a serious question if Tshisekedi really believes in the agreements he signed in Nairobi and Luanda? Of course his actions show he doesn’t.

The International Community should take note of what’s happening in the country, its silence means a direct endorsement of Tshisekedi’s atrocities against his own people (Congolese Tutsis). It’s time to shun Tshisekedi’s deceitful schemes and take decisive actions against the DRC regime to save millions of lives currently at stake in Congo.

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