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Tshisekedi’s obsession with US authorities shows he has neither sense of responsibility, faith in regional initiatives, nor African solutions for African problems

The handlers of Congo regime head Tshisekedi have overly dramatized and overrated meetings with US authorities during the US-Africa Summit held in Washington DC last week. The meetings that Tshisekedi had with US authorities got him and his cronies so excited that Tshisekedi had to cancel his scheduled trip back home to condole with victims of devastating floods and landslides in Kinshasa. The man’s village excitement was so great!

Furthermore, the noises of excitement emitted by the Kinshasa regime whenever the West makes a statement in their favor, removes doubt about their childish ways. The attitudes of Tshisekedi and his cronies are the very opposite of the Pan-African spirit. To them, the Luanda and Nairobi processes are mere formalities. These mental slaves believe that the only authorities on anything of importance are Americans or Europeans.

The Zairois will undermine every effort of their African neighbors.

That is the reason the Congolese army FARDC, and its terrorist allies FDLR, Mai-Mai Nyatura, and others have continued to undermine the Luanda peace agreement, by violating the ceasefire brokered by the peace mechanism. Since the beginning, Tshisekedi has never shown effort or any faith in the peace initiatives by regional leaders, with his constant provocative utterances, even after signing agreements aimed at easing tensions with Rwanda.

All this poses a big problem for finding a sustainable solution for the conflict that has devastated the east of DRC for decades. So, whenever Tshisekedi sits with the Angolan president and former Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta who have been designated to find solutions for the troubled east of DRC, its almost a total waste of time, and resources.

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