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FDLR: Tshisekedi’s bargaining chip and political tool

At the time Felix Tshisekedi ascended to power in DRC, there were high hopes that as a so-called “liberal democrat” whose upbringing was more in Europe than Congo, was going to change the status-quo of political instability, and the malaise of insecurity that marred the country and affected the region in general. It wasn’t so.

The expectations that Congolese or neighboring leaders had in Tshisekedi later turned into disappointment as his ineptitude plunged both DRC and the entire Great Lakes region into further insecurity. Tshisekedi is proving worse than all his predecessors.

Addressing the parliament yesterday, Rwanda’s Head of State recalled the time he humbly requested Tshisekedi to allow him handle the issue of FDLR – a criminal group that has long wreaked havoc in DRC, and whose violence spilled across the border. To his surprise, Tshisekedi said no, and instead went full swing into partnership with FDLR.

FDLR is a blacklisted terror group founded by perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi: the ex FAR, and Interahamwe militias. FDLR is one of many lethal and violent groups in DRC. Yet the government of Tshisekedi actually works with the criminal regime. The plan is to cause even further insecurity, such that Tshisekedi finds an excuse to call off the upcoming election in DRC (while scapegoating Rwanda that “it has caused insecurity in DRC!).

So, Tshisekedi has not only domesticated the terrorist FDLR, he has devised means to make them his political tool, bargaining chip, and his valuable partners in bloody businesses.

FDLR also is a political tool; a means for Tshisekedi to deflect attention from his irresponsibility, and failed leadership – part of the plot to postpone the forthcoming Congo elections, next year.

At this juncture, it should be a matter of record that Tshisekedi is complicit in FDLR plots to attack Rwanda, to finish the genocide they started. That dangerous fantasy is what Tshisekedi is irrevocably part of now.

But evil can never end well for those that espouse it.

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