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Congolese, other anti-Rwanda elements twist push a narrative; twist Rwanda position on M23

To confused Congolese, and other anti-Rwanda reactionaries trying to implicate Rwanda’s Head of State in M23 businesses, hold your rants and look at things from logical perspectives.

President Kagame agreed (on a common position with all mediators) to help President Uhuru Kenyatta – EAC Mediator – on urging M23 to withdraw from their current positions. The president of Rwanda is one of the stakeholders amongst signatories of Luanda Roadmap and Nairobi Peace Process as key frameworks to finding lasting peace in the troubled DRC.

Rwanda has always set the record straight that it has nothing to do with M23, the movement being strictly an internal Congolese matter. Yet gullible and confused Congolese, and other reactionaries like FDLR, as well as sympathizers of genocidaires in European countries, or RNC stooges in different places, have all tried to build another narrative, to try to create the impression the president’s words tie Rwanda to M23. They are shameless liars, as ever.

Over time, Rwanda has equally noticed that such kind of made up stories and propaganda were being fueled regularly by Congolese in the echo chamber of Tshisekedi. One reason of course is to make Rwanda the scapegoat in their plot to suspend, and forego DRC presidential elections come 2023.

With elections in sight in 2023, Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo, the inept President of DRC has been working on a plan to keep himself in power against the will of Congolese. In his master plan, there is need to keep the whole Eastern DRC as a battlefield, such that when elections come, he will tell Congolese there is no conducive environment to conduct elections due to ongoing insecurity!

If anything the most recent round of rampant insecurity in eastern DRC is the doing of Tshisekedi and his closest cronies, who want to dupe Congolese.

Too late. Won’t work!

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