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Latest Congolese regime provocations show they only want to export conflict

Yesterday, at midnight on November 19, 2022 at the “petite barrière” in Rubavu, a soldier of the Congolese Army (FARDC), crossed into Rwanda and started shooting at Rwandan soldiers of the border security. In self defense, Rwandan soldiers scorched the fellow.

This follows another provocative incident where a Congolese army warplane- Sukhoi-25 recently flew over Rwanda’s airspace. The Rwandan government rightly condemned that incident as an act of provocation (a violation of international law) and the Congolese regime admitted having done it, but were unrepentant.

It’s important to remind the public that the latest shooting incident adds to a series of others conducted in the last five months – a testament that the Tshisekedi regime is itching for a conflict with Rwanda.

The Congolese rabble of a military (FARDC) tried to sabotage CHOGM 2022 that was held in Rwanda, when the DRC army in collaboration with the genocidal, terror group FDLR fired rockets into Kinigi Rwandan territory.

As revealed in the reports by the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism-EJVM, the Tshisekedi regime’s provocations constitute a gross violation of international law, and threatens the sovereign and territorial integrity of Rwanda.

Kinshasa shows no sign of adhering to the peace provisions set by both regional peace mechanisms (Luanda Peace Roadmap and the Nairobi Peace Process). What it does is try to provoke Rwanda, all the time.

The International Community should stop pretending, and condemn Congo’s recklessness, provocative behavior, and ask them to take full responsibility for their problems rather than drag others into them.

Rwanda is patient, but that patience should never be mistaken for weakness.

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