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Tshisekedi embarks on ‘divide and persecute’ policy against Congolese Rwandophone community

In separate meetings, the Head of the Kinshasa regime received delegations of what his PR machine referred to as “notables” from the different ethnic groups of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese.

Pressed by international pressure and global condemnation of the ongoing genocide against Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese, Tshisekedi has adopted the strategy of dividing up the Congolese Kinyarwanda-speaking community into ethnic groupings. The aim is to create alienation.

Faced with military defeat by the M23 movement who are fighting to restore the dignity of the Congolese Rwandophone community, Tshisekedi has resorted to the creation of cliques within the community, by identifying the greedy ones who are willing to take bribes and sell out their people.

While Tshisekedi wants to pretend to the world that his regime has no problem with the Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese communities, the truth is that even as he met those groups, his ruling UDPS gangs were busy hunting what they call “Rwandais” in Kinshasa suburbs, and in the provinces.

A silent genocide has been ongoing for long and many have so far been killed or injured while thousands have been displaced and are living in hiding.

Thousands of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese have been living as refugees in different countries of the region because the successive regimes in Congo have declared them foreigners.

The meeting with the said “notables from the Tutsi community” will not stop Tshisekedi from persecuting the Rwandophone community. Instead, he will use this as a cover to intensify its persecution under the guise of “fighting the M23.”

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