Tshisekedi makes it clear he wants war, keeps violating existing peace frameworks

The head of the Congolese regime Felix Tshisekedi (while meeting other Congolese in the UK during his recent visit there) was chest-thumping with talk of “war.” Tshisekedi said he was planning war, in anticipation of the “failure of diplomacy”. His idea of ‘diplomacy’ is also a war against Rwanda, which has seen him and his cronies waste taxpayers’ money on globe-trotting adventures where they make incendiary utterances hoping to turn the world against Rwanda. Either way, Tshisekedi has declared war on Rwanda, ignoring the fact that already there are many efforts aimed at bringing peace to Congo (from all the internal turmoil there caused by the likes of Tshisekedi himself).

From appointing his friends to top military positions to sponsoring violent anti-UN protests, Tshisekedi is now implementing his intended war plans. Since last week, FARDC decided to violate the Nairobi and Luanda peace agreements, which called for a ceasefire to give negotiations a chance. Tshisekedi has ordered his army to relaunch war even when President Uhuru Kenyatta is supposed to fly to DRC to relaunch the peace process which should thrive in an environment of peace.

While Tshisekedi portrays himself as a “peace-loving victim”, the world knows that he is in reality the one instigating insecurity in the east of his country, as a diversionary tactic. Tshisekedi knows he did not win the previous presidential elections and his probabilities of winning the next are even dimmer because he has outperformed all his predecessors in underperformance. His only chance lies in creating a state of chaos so that he can stay on and rule the Congolese against their will.

That is why, as the EAC forces start to arrive in DRC to assist the Congolese forces in sorting out Tshisekedi’s mess, he instructed his newly selected commanders to violate all the existing peace frameworks which had called for the silencing of the guns in Kivu as to give a chance for a peaceful solution to be sought. At the end of it all, the world will realize that from inception, Tshisekedi never wanted peace because his interests are favored by war and chaos, which is the reason why armed groups have increased during his tenure, with the most notorious receiving direct support from him.

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