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RNC mouthpiece Himbara utters more nonsense about Rwandan, to earn monthly paycheque from Rujugiro

David Murunganwa alias Himbara, a fully-funded mouthpiece of a notorious terror outfit-Rwanda National Congress (RNC) is struggling to make ends meet from his hideout in Canada. The drug-addled RNC mouthpiece has to slander President Kagame in hopes of earning his dime.

Himbara’s social media rants lack substance; for instance, he attacked Rwandan President over the recent hiring of Zimbabwean teachers. Imagine attacking a country because it’s educating its children!

Which sound mind blames a leader for initiatives to provide all the children of their country education? Only a paid buffoon like Murunganwa, just because he thrives in making issues out of any policy devised by the government of Rwanda.

A fraud of an academic who was once suspended from his secondary education due to forgery of grades, Himbara attacks President Kagame to appease his sponsor Rujugiro, another fraud (in the financial world).

Himbara will write anything about the Rwandan president to get his monthly paycheque, regardless whether his utterances are borne out with facts or not.

However as the saying goes, dogs may back at a train, but the train will just keep moving to its destination.

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