CAR Prime Minister rubbishes Congolese allegations of Rwandan deployment of troops on borders with DRC

The Kinshasa regime, never failing to make a ridiculous spectacle of itself, now is making another fictitious claim – that “Rwanda has deployed some of its troops in Central African Republic, in areas bordering CAR with DRC.”

But in a televised interview with Voice of America, Felix Moloua, the prime minister of the Central African Republic has slammed those accusations as pathetic manipulations aimed at sowing conflict between CAR, DRC and Rwanda. Prime Minister Moloua called on the DRC to desist from these sorts of unfounded, incendiary allegations that might stir conflicts with its neighbors.

One wonders how low the Tshisekedi regime will stoop, wasting energy, time, and money in blaming Rwanda for all their internal failures. Pathetic just!

Rwanda has always come forthright reiterating that it has no benefit in destabilizing DRC despite the latter’s continuous baseless accusations. It has equally stated that it prioritizes peace over direct military confrontations. But should DRC stray a bit and provoke Rwanda again, it will get what it wants in the most explicit way.

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