Rights group trashes Tshisekedi’s perpetual lies that FDLR “is nowhere in DRC”

Many times, Felix Tshisekedi the ruler of DRC has claimed that FDLR, a genocidal group born of the ex-FAR forces and Interahamwe – the very perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi – “has been uprooted and is inexistent on DRC soil.” This is total nonsense, according to rights watchdogs.

Just yesterday, the Human Rights Watch organization issued a report categorically stating that that Congolese army units militarily equipped, trained, and used FDLR rebels while fighting against the M23 movement. It has debunked all Tshisekedi’s lies.

For some time, it has been clear Tshisekedi is after destabilizing Rwanda, and that’s the purpose of his being in bed with the terrorist FDLR.

Tshisekedi runs a corrupt, failed regime, but to deflect attention from that he must always shout “Rwanda!” His regime survival depends on shouting anti-Rwanda smears and propaganda – blaming Rwanda for internal Congolese problems.

Not long ago, this constant lie that “the FDLR is ‘inexistent’ in DRC” was again exposed when FDLR ambushed, and attacked a FARDC truck en route to Rumangabo from Goma, carrying ammunition and cash salaries. So how was FDLR “inexistent in DRC” then?

Supporting genocidal organizations like FDLR, to destabilize Rwanda is something that Rwanda cannot take lightly however.

Rwanda’s stand on FDLR remains the same. FDLR should be admonished, routed, disarmed, and its members handed over to stand before the courts of justice.

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