Anti-Rwanda elements in campaign to have truth silenced on social media

For a few days now there has been a campaign to suspend Twitter accounts in Rwanda that have been keenly exposing the propaganda and smears of groups or individuals bent on constructing a false narrative about Rwanda, demonizing Rwanda, and character assassination of the Rwandan leadership. Unsurprisingly the groups and individuals in this campaign hate the truth, and they hate it when their propaganda and lies get exposed or debunked. They are the likes of Michela Wrong and Anjan Sundaram (writers of highly slanderous, fictitious, propagandist book to tarnish the Rwandan leadership) as well as groups of genocide deniers, naysayers, and others that have made a career out of bashing Rwanda.

In shameless self-congratulatory tweets, Michela Wrong and Anjan Sundjaram say that Twitter heeded on their requests to suspend “the reported accounts.” Of course anyone can target anyone (by dredging up unfair half-truths and mischaracterization) to have their accounts suspended. That is what the likes of Wrong, Sundaram, and the genocide deniers and negativists that are their fellow travelers have done. They are second to none when it comes to underhanded dealings.

Michela Wrong in particular displays all the characteristics of “a Karen”, usually a woman of Caucasian descent that believe it’s their natural right to harass, intimidate, report on black or brown people, and even invent things against
them, to get them in trouble with authority figures. Wrong the Karen has been doing exactly this thing against all these Rwandan accounts that dare debunk her lies, and in her “karening” she has a whole mob of Rwandan negativists and grievance mongers on her side, piling on in a mob action against Rwandan social media accounts that they fear and hate (for telling the truth about them).

To the genocide revisionists, freedom of expression means to allow them to lie and distort the facts on the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, push double genocide theories, and even going as far as accusing the victims of genocide of having started that terrible crime themselves!

It is very dismaying to see that Twitter is allowing these genocide deniers; including actual genocide suspects, or offspring of genocidaires, to freely propagate their lies on Twitter, while blocking those that expose them!

Twitter ought to do the right thing and unblock the Rwandan accounts it’s blocked on the basis of reporting by Wrong, Sundaram, and their fellow travelers.

Also, Twitter has to be careful not to be bamboozled by self-serving individuals like these.

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