African Parliamentarians dissappointed as speaker of DRC Parliament Mbosso peddles anti-Rwanda misinformation

In a speech that bordered on deranged, the speaker of the parliament of DRC, Christopher Mbosso persisted with his government’s propaganda and falsehoods against Rwanda. Thus, Mbosso disappointed a high-level gathering in the Congolese capital Kinshasa that had brought together members of the Defense and Security Commissions from African national assemblies.

To the shock of the Parliamentariians, Mbosso claimed that DRC has been the “victim for more than two decades of threats, attacks and the existence of several armed groups”. Yet, many of the African Parliamentans are not ignorant to the fact that the Congolese government and its army-FARDC are allies to most of the armed groups.

As part of the campaign of anti-Rwanda smears by the Tshisekedi regime, Mbosso claimed that Rwanda “is the epicenter of the destabilization of its neighbors.” But the Parliamentarians are well aware that Rwanda in fact is at the forefront of efforts to foster peace, regionally and internationally.

Mbosso’s speech only served to expose Tshisekedi’s government as a gang of thugs whose goal has little to do with delivering peace and security to their people, and more to serve their own selfish interests. Their main strategy therefore is to concoct accusations against Rwanda every other day.

By playing blame games at every forum they attend, Tshisekedi and his lieutenants aim only play victim, to distract the Congolese population from their acute failures of governance.

But they instead have become a laughingstock.

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