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Congolese leaders continue to beat war drums, in contempt of regional, and international peace initiatives

Even as the region and the international community continue to assist Congo to attain sustainable peace, Congolese leaders continue to beat war drums. Senior leaders from both government and the opposition have continued to go around the country, making reckless utterances with full knowledge that this has the potential to escalate the situation in eastern Congo from bad to worse. Senior Congolese regime officials, like the speaker of the Congolese National Assembly, Lutundula, the foreign minister, and Martin Fayulu, the opposition leader among many, have continued to ignore the ongoing peace process, choosing instead to tread the path of war and conflict.

While Rwanda has heeded the call by the international community and the region to cooperate in the process aimed at bringing peace to Congo, Congolese, who are the beneficiaries, have sustained their baseless accusations against Rwanda with some openly calling for war and “the annexation of Rwanda.” They are making these noises even as the East African Community is in the process of deploying armed forces as part of the implementation of the Angola and Nairobi peace process, to which Congo is the principal beneficiary.

The irresponsible behavior of the Congolese regime will hamper the peace initiative to which many stakeholders have done a lot. Alas, Tshisekedi and his regime officials care very little about agreements.

Their interest not peace at all. Their behavior shows that their interests would better be served if the conflicts in eastern Congo persist, because once there is peace and tranquility in the country, their incompetence will be badly exposed, and they would have to be accountable for their failures.

This is the reason they have all along been pretending to fight armed groups when all they do is arm them, encourage them to thrive, and even partner with them in perpetrating atrocities against innocent civilians.

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