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For peace to prevail in Congo and wider region, the world must counsel DRC to end its fallacious anti-Rwanda position

More than 100 armed groups are operating in different areas of Eastern DRC alone, but for some strange reason, Tshisekedi’s government has chosen to blur out all of them and set their focus on M23 rebels, with the deliberate aim of scapegoating Rwanda. The motive of the Congolese leaders led by Tshisekedi is clear: having completely failed to meet the expectations of the Congolese people despite the immense endowment of natural resources, Congolese leaders have decided to find a fall guy for their failures, and Rwanda fit the bill perfectly.

Among the huge pile-up of the failures of the Congolese leaders is the century-long discrimination against Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese, whom they have ling used to distract other Congolese from their gross incompetence. The M23, which came into existence as a result of irresponsible leadership in DRC, has ironically provided the perfect opportunity for Congolese rulers to justify their failures. Tshisekedi suddenly seems to forget that the M23 has been waiting in vain for the implementation of the various agreements the Congolese government has signed with them on several occasions over the years.

But since the magnitude of the embarrassment for incompetence is too big to bear, the Congolese leadership believes that blaming the resurgence of M23 on Rwanda would cover for their failures.

However, it is mind-boggling to understand how Congo expects this scenario to end because, at the end of the day, M23 rebels are Congolese nationals, whatever lies the Tshisekedi regime prefers to tell about them.

Do the Congolese leaders expect EAC forces to make the M23 vanish into thin air once they agree to lay down their weapons and come forward for a peaceful settlement? Clearly, Tshisekedi and his cronies are only playing everyone because apparently, what they want is not peace and stability for Congo and the region.

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