Congolese regime exposes a lack of commitment, honesty, and sincerity at the 77th UN General Assembly

It is now crystal clear that Tshisekedi has all along been acting without commitment and sincerity, reading from all his utterances and those of his cronies. The statement that was released by the Congolese presidency after the meeting between Tshisekedi, President Kagame, and President Macron vividly exposed the fact that the Congolese are not after the quest for regional peace and stability like everyone else. There is no shred of doubt that they are only in it to play political games at the expense of regional security. Unfortunately, Rwanda happens to be the most affected by these juvenile actions by the Congolese leadership.

In the press release, the Congolese presidency was eager to mislead the world into believing that the discussions during the tri-partite meeting revolved around the call for the “withdrawal of the M23 rebels”, which was deliberately designed to entrench the false Congolese narrative that espouses external support for M23. The Congolese leaders also inadvertently exposed their insincerity by adding a caveat in the press release where they insisted that there had been no handshake between President Kagame and Tshisekedi, ostensibly as “an indication of Tshisekedi’s determination not to be complacent.” This removes any doubt that the Congolese leadership considers these high-level peace initiatives as mere props, and that they are playing everyone for fools.

Despite this show of bad faith by Congolese leaders, Rwanda has remained steadfast in the quest for regional security. Without a doubt, Rwanda hopes that everyone will finally aim at the same objectives which is the reason Rwanda has enthusiastically participated in all regional initiatives aimed at finding a solution to the endless conflict in Eastern Congo. Rwanda has participated in Luanda, Nairobi, and now New York. However, all these meetings have not deterred Congolese leaders from constantly smearing Rwanda.

The Congolese regime just isn’t serious.

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