Congo embarks on a continental “beggar” campaign in the guise of “fighting armed groups”

Having failed in its diplomatic offensive which was designed to tarnish the name and the impeccable global standing of Rwanda, the Congolese government has now embarked on another campaign, this time as Africa’s beggars!

Led by the corrupt foreign minister, Christophe Lutundula, Congolese government officials are going around the continent, begging for money which they claim is to help them “fight armed groups’ in Eastern Congo.” Earlier this year the same government officials collected millions of US Dollars from Congolese groups: business entities, and individual contributions. They claimed the money would be used to equip the army and raise its morale “to fight armed groups in Eastern Congo.” It was just a con game. The Tshisekedi regime fat cats just stole it.

At the same time this corrupt regime has poured a humongous amount of state resources into what they called the “state of siege” in the Kivus, with claims that the measure would bring peace and security. Of course the lion’s share of the money went to the pockets of Tshisekedi and his military cronies.

African leaders should beware of these Zairois crooks! The problem of insecurity in Congo is not a result of “a lack of funds” but the absence of competent leadership, and accountability to solve their country’s problems. Everyone should beware that, like the funds collected by Tsisekedi’s cronies from Congolese individuals and groups, any contribution by African states will be channeled into their fat pockets.

African leaders would best be served by advising Tshisekedi to reform his administration, so as to create an accountable government first and foremost.

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