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UN should not accept to be led astray, from right path to lasting peace in Great Lakes

As the UN General Assembly(UNGA) enter the high-level General Debate sessions phase, Congolese regime officials are poised to use the platform to seek not to support peace and security for Congo but to advance their anti-Rwanda narrative. Going by the sustained attacks on Rwanda by officials of the Tshisekedi regime, it is expected that those attending the UNGA will be only shouting their heads off, with their usual anti-Rwanda rants.

The United Nations should pay very little attention to this claptrap. The Congolese portray themselves as victims of “external aggression.” The attention on Congolese insecurity should not shift from the root cause – Congolese themselves- to scapegoating Rwanda (which is the only thing Tshisekedi is good at!)

Congo and Tshisekedi should be taken to task to address internal failures – including the issues that caused the M23 movement to take up arms, i.e. broken agreements to integrate them in the DRC national military, as well as ending of violent discrimination against Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese communities.

Rwanda cannot be held responsible for the failures to address the legitimate grievances of the M23 movement. Secondly the Tshisekedi regime should be taken to task on why the Congolese army, FARDC, works with terrorist groups, first and foremost FDLR.

UNGA is not a platform for wild, deranged accusations!

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