Poison ravages Kinshasa backed FDLR in another body blow to the terrorist group

At least 11 top commanders of FDLR – the notorious anti-Rwanda group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires – have succumbed to poison within the last 30 days. This is a result of the ongoing infighting that engulfed the terrorist group despite the unreserved support it gets from the Tshisekedi regime.

A certain “Col.” Joseph Rwabarinda a.k.a Marume is the recent victim of the infighting of which poison is the main weapon used to eliminate each other. This time the main accusation to justify killing each other is “working with the Government of Rwanda.”

Rwabarinda ended six feet under yesterday. He was, until his demise, the “head of military communication” within FDLR, particularly in the latter’s new sanctuary that the Tshisekedi regime has given the blacklisted genocidal group, in the Virunga National Park bordering Rwanda.

FDLR commanders who call themselves “Abakiga” – those who hail from Northwest parts of Rwanda where the genocidal tyrant Juvenal Habyarimana alias “Kinani” also had roots, turned against their fellows from Southern parts of the country who are portrayed as “Abanyenduga” – and therefore collaborating with Rwanda! These terrorists funny enough will finish each other due to their sectarian tendencies with which they misruled Rwanda in the past.

It is in that particular circumstance that Rwabarinda was killed a week after “Col” Jean de Dieu Ndahayo a.k.a Vumilia who was considered the leader of the Southerners was also killed by poison. Here is a list of FDLR’s commanders that fell victim to poisoning scheme within the last 30 days:

  1. “Col” Joseph Rwabarinda a.k.a Marume
  2. “Col” Jean de Dieu Ndahayo a.k.a Vumilia
  3. “Maj.” Togole
  4. “Lt.” Brave
  5. “Lt.” Viguli
  6. Ajida Bihira
  7. Five junior combatants whose names were not revealed to the public

FDLR terrorists are at each other’s necks while also fighting alongside the Congolese army (FARDC) in a Congolese civil war pitting FARDC against the M23 movement, which is fighting for its rights. But accommodating the terrorist FDLR is Tshisekedi and his regime’s choice. But they will know sooner (not later) that they are in bed with is a time bomb.

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