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BUSTED: Kinshasa frees mongers of hate speech without trial as silent genocide of Congolese Tutsis intensifies

The lives of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese Tutsi citizens are in complete jeopardy as the country’s authorities show no sign of putting a stop to their persecution. The Tshisekedi regime is committed to fast-tracking this silent genocide. Quite nefariously, Kinshasa has labelled the Congolese Tutsi citizens (or Rwandan citizens living in DRC) as “enemies of the country.”

To ease the international pressure, Kinshasa had made some sham arrests of those that were filmed in videos that went viral on social media stoking hate against the Tutsi. Yet they have been quick to release the culprits, why? It’s because they work on orders of Tshisekedi regime! Now, it has resumed its malicious campaign that is escalating into genocide, as per new revelations by the Congolese civil society.

That’s while the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken who concluded his two-day visit to Rwanda last week, openly called out Tshisekedi to put an end to the continued crimes against humanity that his government is culpable of (in addition to putting them on the spot for working with FDLR terrorist group).

Propping those stoking hate speeches is yet another indication that the Tshisekedi regime is blatantly violating regional frameworks’ provisions meant to pacify the Eastern Congo. Among the recommendations was the urgent need to eradicate hate speech.

To add insult to injury, Tshisekedi unveiled a militia wing dubbed “Brigade Spéciale de l’UDPS” which is under the aegis of his ruling political party, UDPS. The youthful members of the new militia strut around with machetes, spears, and hammers among other crude weapons while intimidating and killing Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi citizens of DRC.

That’s in addition to evidence of a blatant genocide campaign targeting Congolese of Tutsi ethnicity that includes a $15,000 bounty that Congolese authorities recently announced as the reward to whoever kills high-profile Congolese Tutsi in the DR Congo government.

The world must stop watching and expedite concrete actions against Tshisekedi. ICC should weigh in and indict senior members of the Congolese government for crimes against humanity, before it’s too late!

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