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The US is aware of FDLR’s alliance with FARDC, Blinken acknowledges; plus Carine Kanimba’s sad day

The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinked acknowledged the unholy alliance between the US blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group-FDLR and the Congolese army-FARDC.

Speaking during a presser in Kigali, local and foreign journalists roasted the American diplomat over DRC’s harboring, arming FDLR that threatens Rwanda’s security. Also raised in the press briefing was United States’ double standards when it comes to fighting terrorism referring to convicted terrorist Paul Rusesabagina’s case.

Blinked admitted that FARDC works closely with FDLR. He condemned the unlawful acts of which he raised in his meeting with President Tshisekedi. “I expressed the US concerns on DRC’s government’ support to armed terrorist outfits like FDLR, I urged the eradication, demobilization of FDLR and all other armed militias in the DRC.,” Secretary Blinken remarked.

For Rusesabagina’s case, Blinken was placed between a rock and a hard place, there was no way a top US diplomat would defend terrorism given the country’s stance on it and how it has been handling terrorists. Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister-Vincent Biruta reminded Blinken that unlike other countries, Rwanda chooses to pursuit its threats in full adherence to both domestic and international laws. Biruta’s statement placed Blinken in a fix, knowing that America has been killing terrorists while Rusesabagina was tried in fair, transparent trial with hard evidence.

As it has become a norm whenever the US is faced with a diplomatic puzzle like the case of Rusesabagina, Blinken was no different than others, he spoke in future terms rather than admitting that Rusesabagina perpetrated terrorism crimes on United States soil.

The same scenario was witnessed right after the court delivered its ruling on Rusesabagina’s case back in September, 2021. The US urged the Rwandan government to address the “shortcomings” in Rusesabagina’s trial to prevent similar outcomes in the future. Blinken’s country dodged condemning Rusesabagina’s felonies, and rather opted to discuss the future.

To Kanimba should be able to read between the lines; the US won’t do anything beyond its future statements.

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