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Kinshasa peddles delusions against Rwanda after Tshisekedi mobs’ brutal attacks on UN peacekeepers

Every day it becomes ever more apparent that Congolese rulers are like irresponsible children who fan trouble, then rush to cry foul, trying to turn others (Rwanda) into a scapegoat for problems of their own doing.

This time around the Tshisekedi regime has come up with yet another smear campaign against Rwanda, that the country masterminded the ongoing violent protests during which Congolese mobs are wreaking havoc on the premises of the UN peacekeeping forces in DRC (MONUSCO) killing people, and looting. These of course are Tshisekedi’s goons, doing what Tshisekedi has told them: to force the UN forces out of DRC.

Kinshasa however has employed local social media influencers to amplify its latest childish narrative of scapegoating Rwanda. Kinshasa regime mouthpiece, Patrick Muyaya came out to endorse the lie, which can only deceive the naïve or gullible. But any person with some intelligence will see clearly, that the Tshisekedi regime wants to force out Monusco, so as to perpetrate genocide (against Tutsi Congolese) with no UN people around.

Nothing can alter the damning facts showing how Tshisekedi is behind the violent mobs however. The very same failed “leader” resorted to violence against the blue helmets for another reason: covering up his incompetence ahead of next year’s election.

But Rwanda’s stand has been always to urge the Congolese authorities to endeavor to address their failures of leadership, and to address their internal socio-political conflicts that led to some Congolese nationals taking up arms to defend their rights. Rwanda also will always remind the world that the Congolese regime is in bed with the terrorist FDLR.

Tshisekedi should endeavor to clean up his house other than always falsely whining against Rwanda.

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