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Unserious Congolese fixated on sullying Rwanda’s name rather than deal with their problems

Congolese are now taking their Rwanda bashing games as a substitute to dealing with their problems.

It started as a Tshisekedi campaign ploy, to win votes to keep him in office. Because apparently Rwanda-bashing is a vote winner with Congolese. This is a sickness that infests Congolese regimes, but never leads to any solutions to the problems of a huge, resource-rich country that actually is amongst the poorest in the world.

Now Rwanda bashing is a mainstay for Congolese on social media, where some Congolese prominent social accounts are posting their usual naked lies and smears against Rwanda. Some call themselves Congo “think tanks,” or “journalists”, or “international researchers,” and are pushing their slanders as fact.

This could also be categorized as diplomatic sabotage by Congolese regime leaders, who started the anti-Rwanda bashing for political gain. Rwanda’s diplomatic affairs, just like those of Congo and other countries in the world, should not be considered a plaything. But Congolese have taken it upon themselves to throw around slanderous words targeting Rwanda, on their social media timelines, chatrooms, and Twitter spaces.

The Congolese regime leaders of course know their accusations against Rwanda hold no iota of truth, just cynical tactics by Tshisekedi and his gang to win votes.

While they chant on, it is only their poor population (ordinary Congolese) who bear the brunt of the incessant conflicts. Does Tshisekedi care about Congolese? Or just his personal selfish interests?

Rwanda has agreed to sit with Congolese leaders for the sake of peace. Rwanda knows the cynical games of the Congolese leaders, but still knows diplomacy is paramount.

Rwanda participated in the tripartite meeting in Luanda on July 6, expecting that the Congolese politicians would care enough to at least take first tentative steps to solving the security problem. Zero! Tshisekedi is only interested in working with FDLR and other terrorist groups in the misguided belief he can destabilize Rwanda.

He better get wise, because such games never work.

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