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Congo leadership exposes itself as the sponsor of soldier that conducted the terrorist attack at the Rwanda border

During a highly dramatized military funeral, the Congolese army accorded their deceased terrorist soldier – Sgt. Mokili Kingombe, who was shot dead after running across the Rubavu Border post into Rwanda, shooting at Rwandan policemen and civilians – a “hero’s burial.” It was attended by Congolese top military brass in Goma.

Remember this terrorist Congolese soldier opened fire on Rwanda border police and innocent Rwandan civilians, completely unprovoked, and in complete violation of Rwandan sovereign territory. For Congolese military authorities to accord this soldier a “hero’s funeral”, they removed any doubt that the terrorist act was not a random occurrence by a rogue high on cannabis, but an act of aggression planned at a high state level.

The intention was to inflict as many casualties as possible on Rwandan border security, as well as civilians. However, thanks to the quick reaction of Rwanda border security, the terrorist was put out of action in a short time, minimizing casualties.

As a gesture of good neighborliness, despite the hostility surrounding the whole incident, Rwanda called in the Joint Extended Joint Verification Mechanism, EJVM to carry out investigations into the incident. They then allowed Congolese security to retrieve the body of their terrorist (whose pockets contained a stash of cannabis).

In a show of bad faith, once the Congolese authorities carried the body of the man to their side, they mounted a hero’s welcome military parade for him. It basically showed that to the Congolese authorities, this was a “gallant soldier” who had just pulled off an act of great patriotic valor! But the proper thing by a normal state would be to apologize to Rwanda for their soldier violating its territory.

But since they are never going to do that, the world must condemn Congo for sponsoring terrorism.

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